Juan Lopez, Vice President, Director of Operations

Juan joined the Kencal family in 1985 as a part-time night cleaner. He was recognized as a leader among his peers and promoted to Operations Route Manager. Juan has supervised many buildings and janitorial service crews during both day and night. His hard-working ethics and dedication to Kencal have been recognized. In his current position as Director of Operations, he supervises a staff of Route Supervisors, day maintenance staff, and serves as an Executive Liaison between the customer and Executive Kencal personnel.

Jorge Henao, Operations Management

Jorge joined Kencal in 2007 and was responsible for product inventory. Jorge's dedication earned him a promotion to Operations Management. He manages and supervises daytime and night time cleaning crews, as well as vehicle and equipment maintenance. Jorge has had ongoing success with Sales and Account Management, as he is responsible for day to day operations of accounts.

Pablo Ronquillo, Operations Management

Pablo joined Kencal in 1988 as a night time cleaner. He was recognized as a leader and hard worker among his peers and was promoted to a Supervisor. After having supervised many locations and exceeded all expectations, Pablo was promoted to an Operations Route Manager. Pablo, once again had stood out as an exemplary employee and was promoted to Operations Management. Pablo is currently responsible for managing, supervising, transportation, and day to day organization.