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Our Service Offerings

In addition to contract cleaning, Kencal Maintenance Corporation provides a variety of specialized services for our customers, including:


Our team of account representatives manage each customer on an individual basis with highly trained technicians, state of the art products, and equipment. Your needs are our only concern, which is why all of our programs are tailored to satisfy your unique requirements.

Kencal Maintenance Corporation recognizes that our service is only as good as our on-site supervisors and cleaners.  Therefore, our employees maintain on-going training and development.  We offer multi-lingual material that is customizable to the employee. 

All Supervisors are trained in:

  1.  Methods of Cleaning

  2.  Use of Chemicals

  3.  Types of Equipment and Proper Usage

  4.  Safety Tips and OSHA Requirements


Our Employees are Provided with On-Site Training:

  1.  At the start of each new job, our trainer/supervisor spends as much   time as needed to cover all of the above

  2.  Safety techniques and MSDS understanding for all chemicals used


Seminars from Vendors:

Our vendors provide us with periodic, on-site and classroom sessions to educate all Kencal personnel on up to date cleaning techniques, products, and equipment.

Safety and OSHA Compliance:

Each manager, supervisor and cleaner is trained in proper safety measures and OSHA requirements including the understanding of all MSDS material.  All personnel are asked to sign an agreement of understanding prior to commencement of employment.

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